Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pinewood Residency

Earlier this year I visited Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Bucks to observe and record my impressions of the Studios. Here are some favourite images. I used some discarded 35mm film (from the film Virtual Sexuality) to make some work that plays with the format - using what is intended to produce the moving image for its own aesthetic properties.

Whilst there I took hundreds of photos and made lots of drawings. Some of these I used to make digital images, but my favourite images are some photographs I took in the back lot around the huge blue screen. This is massive and stands behind the outdoor water tank where anything from Bond to Wolfman is likely to be filmed. When it is not used the tank more closely ressembles a car park with a waist high barrier around it - and, of course, the blue screen. When the ground is wet reflections of this screen give the whole area a blue cast and it makes for some very interesting images.

Latest Images

The idea of this blog is to complement my website I intend to post new images to keep my site current.

So far I've not been doing a particularly good job since it is over 6 months since I created this blog and only now am I adding to it. Keeping current is such hard work!

Anyway here are my thoughts...

Since finishing my Masters I've been focusing on making drawings, mostly abstract, using reflective and translucent materials. This is something I started a while ago but broke off to pursue another path. I am still interested in light - using light in my work, photographing unusual aspects of light. Most of my work is materials led at the moment - playing with graphite, aluminium powder, and mixing images. But at times it starts with a strong image that I represent in more traditional means. I often use digital images as a start point and sometimes as the end point too.