Thursday, 18 November 2010

Have a look at this artist's blog...

I think you might like this blog by James Aldridge, it gives his view of the launch of Hide!

Monday, 8 November 2010

And now to Burnham Beeches...

I have been commisioned to run a community art project with local children/young people living in and around Burnham village. The project will bring the trees of the nearby ancient forest into the town on the night of 2 December for the Burnham Festival of Light.

On Saturday I led a group of young people through Burnham Beeches - drawing and photographing the ancient pollarded trees, and anything else that caught their imagination. Students from Burnham Grammar School will also join in the project, which aims to forge stronger links between the inhabitants of the forest and the village.

Images of the Beeches will be manipulated and the resulting 'characters' projected on to the walls of buildings in the High Street, and smaller scale works will be displayed at Flux Gallery during and after the Festival.

A few more images of my installation for Hide!

The film is installed and here are just a couple more images...
Visitors stopped at the hide and were intrigued to know the background - you'll have to look back over previous posts for that!