Saturday, 2 May 2009

More pictures from Pinewood Studios

The residency at Pinewood gave me the opportunity to create new work based on an entirely different theme.

I started with the photos I took and produced a book of those - some of them are shown above. I had been promised a display wall in Theatre Seven to show my work and the photographs also form part of this display.
Much of my work involves light - and the medium of film intrigued me - I took a 'can' of film and played around with it, using it for its aesthetic qualities not for movie projection. Photos of the results are posted here. The film reflects as well as projects leading to interesting composite images.
The relationship with Pinewood is ongoing with ideas for projection on to the outside of the Bond stage and a larger display of film 'canvasses' with special lighting.
More information is shown on the Art Works for Business site